For the past decade, JC Yeo has dominated the Southeast Asian world of magic as the biggest name in visual and corporate entertainment. Representing a new breed of magicians rising across the globe, he comes across as a hybrid between a stylish K-pop boy band artist and a master magician along the likes of Criss Angel and Cyril Takayama.

Best known for his electrifying stage acts, JC incorporates within his magic a stunning arsenal of live doves and high-tech gizmos such as dazzling LEDs and robotic launch mechanisms of all kinds. Audiences who have witnessed his live shows often describe their personal experience as “explosive” and “truly mind bending”. Till date, he has gained an almost legendary following amongst legions of magic fans and lay audiences in the Asian region. Curious audiences across the globe await his highly anticipated half-yearly creations of literally magical experiences that serve only to intricately engage the multi plethora of senses in the human body and mind.

A charismatic and utterly respected competitor, as well as judge in the Asian magic competition scene, JC is the first and only magician ever from Malaysia to officially make it into FISM, the prestigious magic equivalent of the world Olympic Games. He is also the sole magician from a Southeast Asian country to ever win, not one, but several championship titles in the now world-class magic competitions of China, including the renowned Guangzhou Asia International Magic Fest.

In fact, JC is acknowledged in the Asian magic circle as the most highly accredited competitor who has literally swept up the most number of championship titles in the Asian continent. From across Singapore, to Indonesia, Thailand, and China, his performance credentials are unmatched.

He is currently one of the most sought after magic entertainers by both corporate organizations as well as exclusive clubs and restaurants. He represented several MNCs at their trade shows across the globe between the years 2009-2015 and is now focusing his work on a prestigious dining chain. In his days apart from performing, JC juggles a hectic schedule of customized prop design and building for international illusionists, as well as playing the role of the judge in international magic competitions.