This one of a kind performance of physical manipulation of laser beams allows the audience to experience a world of illusions using the newest technologies. Laserman is the only known individual in the world capable of bending even the blue and red laser beams from the top end of the laser spectrum. The climax of the show can be either lasering out your logo or sending a desired message to the audience.

Taking the light in his hands, Laserman will bend, spins split it into two and even beams it to mirror dancers where the reflection will bring out spectacular colors of lights to delight the eyes of the audience where the show can be closed by bringing logos or messages which clients can request beforehand.

Our mission is to bring magic, dreams, illusion and perfection into one complete show, full of entertainment and wonder with our regular or special event show specially created to fit each of our client’s requests.

Laser show Malaysia – Laser Man Show